Friday, January 24, 2014

Western Bassinet

Well Like I said earlier my life has definitely been an adventure lately.... on the day that we found out that my sister Chrystal was not going to be able to adopt Zarah she found out that after almost 10 years of trying she was pregnant. Little to say she is the baby and gets anything she wants .... So in the past few months I have been really busy Making Making Making...... First thing is her bassinet as you can tell little Charles Micheal is going to have a cowboy themed nursery... I was given this bassinet from my Bonus daughter #3 after she was given it to her by her aunt, after she was given it to her by her friend. So if I could make it work this would be the 4th baby to use it...

I almost through it out BUT once I started taking it apart I realized what a great bed it was... It can be raised and lowed and will rock or have wheels... It also has one side that goes down so you can put it next to your bed and reach in...... Great little bassinet.. All I did was seam rip off each part and replace it with some material that my sister had got from a thrift store and some jeans that I salvaged... And here you go 

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