Friday, January 24, 2014

New life to Old Boots...

Well in addition to all the other changes we now have a 14 year old foster daughter and he name is "Emma" (confidentiality you know).. So Emma has never lived on a farm and is doing pretty good... BUT she definently did not come prepared for the Farm/Recycled Life.... 

When we get a new Bonus child we always go shopping.. This way they have a choice in what they have in their rooms, what they wear, and what we eat.... Hoping to help them feel like they belong... So now to the topic at hand ... We were at Good will looking for some items for my Baby sisters baby shower and "Emma" spotted a pair of cowboy boots. She was SO excited when I told her we could get them because the baby shower theme was western ... BUT low and behold after doing a fashion show for the family she went out to feed the animals and the skin of the boots fell apart. While she was ok with getting a new pair she was so disappointing

that her first cowgirl boots EVER needed to go.....

Then I thought I can do something about this.... 
So first I covered the toes..... Making a flap on each side
I then cut off each flap to seal it
I then worked around the the side and used the point of the scissors to cut at the sole of the boot
On "Emmas" Boots there was a decorative seam 3/4 of the way down the boot. I then worked around the edge and cut the tape at the seam on the 3/4 mark of the boot

I changed the color of the tape and and worked my way up from the seam. 
When I got to the loops on top I took one strip the length of the boot loop and applied it. I then cut across at the old seam (on each end) 

and flip the tape into the center of the loop 

 I then place the next horizontal piece of tape on the boot and where it over lapped the loop I just cut down the middle and then across each way and flipped it under the loop

Then I took a strip cut length wise to the width of the space reaming and pulled it through the loop and flipped it over the top of the boot 

And there you go Duct Tape Boots

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