Monday, March 10, 2014

Owl Diaper cake

This is one of the cutest diaper cakes that I have ever seen..... So of course I had to make one... I chose to make all the items used in this cake but you could also purchase them.... I used 1-Receiving Blanket, 45 Newborn Diapers, Bib, Kimono Slippers, 2 Hair Clippies, Baby Wash Cloth, and a spool of ribbon... 

To make the Body I place the diapers in a Round Tupperware Container like the spokes on a bike tire... I then placed a ribbon around then and pulled tight. For the Eyes I took 6 diapers and rolled them together adding the next diaper right before I came to the end of the last and then tied off with a ribbon. I placed the Wash cloth and the Bib on top of the body and then placed the 2 eyes on top and secured all of them with a ribbon. I then Placed the receiving blanket over the head and secured it by wrapping a ribbon around the owls neck under the bib. The towel makes the owls wings. I then placed the kimono shoes into the ribbon on the bottom of the body. I hooked the Clippies to 2 bobby pins and pushed them into the middle of each eye

And here you go.. My first attempt at an Owl Diaper Cake.

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