Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Littlest Cowboy

I was requested to make an outfit for future nephew Charles Michael and of course there was a picture of an etsy item attached. 

After scouring the Internet for the pattern I realized that there is not a pattern exactly what she wanted yet alone one that included all the pieces she wanted soooo... I found several sites and then morphed the patterns to resemble the product she wanted.... First off was the chaps ...... I used the pattern from 
Busting Stitches...here

But I did not add the stars to the chaps and I added 2 more rounds around the outer edges of sc to add the light accent.

*To make the "belt" Sl in corner of waist, chain 27 turn sc in 2nd st from hook, sc in remaining 24 stitches, sl in corner, fasten off.

I also made the bonus Diaper cover and suspenders... I added buttons on the inside so the suspenders can be detached from the diaper cover.. Complete with 2 Black walnut buttons that my Grandpa Pete made from our tree when I was little..

Here is what MY interpretation (including my sisters wants/vision)........ 

I then found the boots at Hodge Podge Crochet here

So I followed the pattern for the sole of the boot and it 

worked like a charm but kinda got confused by the boot part

 so I watched the 2nd video and followed it exactly the way it

 showed but it didn't work... SO I followed the 3rd video and it

 turned out perfect... I also added the spurs. 

Make a slip loop (sc3, sc in last sc, ch2, sc in center 

loop)Repeat 4 times to make a 5 point star. Fasten off.

Ch 28 slip both the working yarn and the loop through the 

center loop of the star. turn, skip 2 sc, hdc in next 7 sc, Pull 

yarn and hook back through star, hdc the in the next 7 sc, 

sc in next stitch, ch 10, 

slip stitch the 2 chains and 

the end of the HDC

. Slide over boot, under heal  

and around back.

Here is a picture of the boots.

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