Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skinny Jeans and Winter Dress... Trash or Treasure

So when "H" came to stay with us she had outgrown most of the cloths that came with her.... (as most 13-14 yr olds do).. As we were sorting through the cloths keep, give away, throw away.. Nothing was going in the throw away or the give away just into the Keep... Hmmm so I asked why are you keeping all those??? What are you going to do with them??? Do they fit you anymore??? The answers were I do not know what I am going to do with it but I like it and I do not want anyone else to have it.. (once again as most 13-14 yr old say) so became a 4th option I like but I am not attached to it/ Meaning Aunt Cheryl can cut it up. 1st pair of jeans became a cute skirt that I used some fabric from a crib sheet to complete. 2nd Pair of jeans and a tight winter knit dress .......

 1st we cut off the skirt off the dress leaving about an inch and a half. We also removed the arms by cutting at an angle from armpit out and up. We then Lettuce stitched the edges of the arms and the bottom of the shirt. 

We then cut the legs off the jean right above the crotch line and added the skirt(after gathering it to fit) to the bottom of the jeans. I we took the legs and sleeves of the pieces and cut them to make folded roses to accent the skirt

We also made a couple extra roses and attached them to a piece of denim and elastic to make a decorative Rose headband.
 Here is our final Product... Little to say "H" is very very happy with it and cant wait for school in the morning so she can wear it.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandbabies special spot

Owl Diaper cake

This is one of the cutest diaper cakes that I have ever seen..... So of course I had to make one... I chose to make all the items used in this cake but you could also purchase them.... I used 1-Receiving Blanket, 45 Newborn Diapers, Bib, Kimono Slippers, 2 Hair Clippies, Baby Wash Cloth, and a spool of ribbon... 

To make the Body I place the diapers in a Round Tupperware Container like the spokes on a bike tire... I then placed a ribbon around then and pulled tight. For the Eyes I took 6 diapers and rolled them together adding the next diaper right before I came to the end of the last and then tied off with a ribbon. I placed the Wash cloth and the Bib on top of the body and then placed the 2 eyes on top and secured all of them with a ribbon. I then Placed the receiving blanket over the head and secured it by wrapping a ribbon around the owls neck under the bib. The towel makes the owls wings. I then placed the kimono shoes into the ribbon on the bottom of the body. I hooked the Clippies to 2 bobby pins and pushed them into the middle of each eye

And here you go.. My first attempt at an Owl Diaper Cake.

Kimono shoes and Bib

Aren't these so cute???? Well I did not have to make the pattern for these but let me tell you they were sooo simple I can not believe it... I think it took longer to wait on my embroidery machine to embroider the bib then it took to make both the bib and the shoes.... You can find the bib pattern Here at Craft Passion but I think next time I am going to make it a little bigger. the size is perfect for a new born but to small for an older child. You can find the Kimono Shoe Pattern Here at Butter Cream Sewing Machine. I would love to make bigger ones also.As you can see I used these on my Owl Diaper Cake 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cowboys Pillowcase Dress

I used the size chart from Dress a girl..... 

I then cut 3 strips of fabric from my accent fabric.... 1 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch. The 1 inch is made into double fold bias tape for the arm pit holes.... the 3 inch is folded in half and sewn into the neck ribbon... the 4 inch piece was ironed 1/4 inch under on each side and then sewn onto the bottom of the dress right on top of the pillow case hem.... this allows for some weight on the bottom of the dress.....