Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sashay Ruffle Skirt 6-12 month

 6-12 months

Round 1. sc in each stitch around, sl st. 60

Round 2. ch 3, triple crochet in each stitch

 around, sl st in beg chain. 60(this will be the 

ribbon belt loops)

Rounds 3-4. ch 1, sc in each stitch

 around, sl st. 60  *Repeat for next 



Rounds 5-7. *ch 1, hdc in the back loops in 

each stitch around, sl st, 60*Repeat 

Round 8-9 ch2 (dc in nex t st, 2 dc in next 

st) Repeat around

Attach the Sashay yarn on front loops 

of rounds 5-7 

There is a great video on how to attach 

the sashay yarn at Amys Crochet

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  1. Lovely, just what I was looking for. Could you tell me what size yarn you used? It looks like Worsted weight. Thank you.