Thursday, January 30, 2014

Soooo Cute Infant Picture Outfit

SO I had an order requested for an outfit... While waiting to hear back from the person that wanted to order it I messaged my Mom to ask her what she thought... She said that she Wanted it... So while I wait I looked for the patterns and none of the picks had links..... First here is the pic that was sent to me.....

First I tackled the Shoes.... I wrote a pattern for some Mary Janes because nothing I found was quite what I wanted... You can see that free pattern HERE

 Then came the Sashay Skirt.... I found a couple patterns for toddler sizes but nothing for an infant.. SO I wrote one.... And you can find the Free Pattern HERE
And then the Hat... I found a great website that has hats in all sizes... and that is the Crafter Chick.... You can see those HERE

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