Friday, June 21, 2013

Knit Top = Girls Pleated Dress

Hey you... Have you ever received a hand me down box and love something in the box but it just in not for you or not you size?? Well I received a box of cloths from my sister's GG and I fell in love with an embroidered knit top especially the applique and embellishments... So I decided that my Granddaughter could use a new DRESS....LOL any reason to make my babies smile....

Here is the shirt we picked.. As you can see it is just has such beautiful colors and  detail  I just couldn't let it go...
   1. I grabbed a tank top and cut out the basic shape                  2. Save the bottom part for later....

 3.Flip under and Pin the arm hole twice and sew.                    4.Sew down the side Seams
5. Measure the skirt piece from the bottom seam so the dress is the 
correct length and trim to the correct length
 6. measure and pin pleats to match the width of the top part.
7. Baste the pleats in place
8. sew the bottom of the dress to the top
There you go such a cute dress... and simple to make

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